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Bathroom Renovation
plumbing and heating

STF Plumbing  will complete your professional kitchen or bathroom  installation to meet your very exact and specific needs.

Design Service

 well professional workmanship, we offer an in-house design service should you need some inspiration to help you visualize your dreams and plans.

Our experience of what can and has worked in similar circumstances may be just what you need to begin your journey of discovering what is exactly right for you. The best bit is you can see what your plans will look like with the on-line visual design facility based on your home’s layout.
We have images of a wide range of bathroom types: contemporary to classic design; hotel to country style along with a full range of accessories that can be designed into your individual plan.
Designs can make full use of existing sanitary ware you intend to keep or use entire new collections with co-ordinated bathroom furniture, tiles, storage, lighting etc. The overall aim is to ensure the design includes everything on your wish list, maximizing use of space, ensuring functionality and providing you with the visual display you dreamed of.

 To arrange a no-obligation quotation or design consultation contact us either by email or telephone 07841860687 and we will respond to you within 24 hours

Telephone: 01482 506656

     Mobile: 07841860687

Email: info@stfplumbing.com


Tel:01482 506656  - Mob:07841860687